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For 8 years Annessa dealt with doctors, diets, drugs and exercise to figure out what was causing her debilitating chronic illness. Nothing was working, there was no progression towards a cure only, let’s try this and see if it works, management.

She was not able to move for more than 30 minutes a day without being exhausted and in pain. Today she is running 4 successful businesses. It took two years to get her life back. She was at a dark place when the universe led her to discover her cure on her own. A chance showing of renaissance painters was at the local art museum. Annessa has always loved art. After 3 1/2 hours of looking at her passion she felt good. During the two years of recovery, she had stepped away from the doctors, diets, drugs and exercise. Once she was back to full health, we started a program by which others in the same situation and condition could possibly find their own miracle of health. In the midst of the work Bill started to feel his own inner strength and remember his own energy and healing abilities he had when he was younger. He remembered how happy and healthy he was. Reconnecting with that calling directed him to the path of healing others as well. They both love to heal others and help others know the power they have within themselves. They are not doctors, just people who have found a strength and energy that they believe is in all of us.

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